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Interview Transcript/Description for Eliot Spindel

Scene Description:

Eliot Spindel is sitting in a room at Inglis House in Philadelphia, PA. Eliot is being interviewed as part of  The Dream Alliances’ on going commitment to produce promotional videos for the Independence Starts Herefestival and it’s website.


Eliot Spindel Webdesigner

What Independence means to me is overcoming my disability to be a productive citizen so that I could work to give back to the community.

[The Independence Starts Here logo comes on the screen over music then fades.]

Through the use of assistive technology and computers I was able to learn Web development. I have been using Web development for a few years now, both in my job and working on the festival website.

Working on the festival website has allowed me to achieve my goal of giving back to the community.

[Video fades out with soft music.]